June 4, 2014

Event: CMA 2nd Annual Mega Warrior Transition Readiness Program

Volunteer To Coach A Service Member For A Day!

Centurion Military Alliance (CMA) is looking for Resume Writers and HR Professionals who have a passion to serve & show their support for our nation's Honorable men, women and their spouses!!!
What:  CMA 2nd Annual Mega Warrior Transition Readiness Program
When:  Thursday June 19th
Where:  Wingate by Wyndham Round Rock Hotel and Conference Center
Time:  12:30pm to 5:00pm

Services Being Provided Throughout The Day
  • Resume Writing Assistance
  • Professional one-on-one Mock Interviews
  • Tell Me About Yourself" Development   

For Event Details & Registration: Click Here      
NOTE:  Event organizers are also seeking corporate recruiters/hiring managers to attend the VIP networking event that evening from 5:30pm-7:30pm.

If you're interested, please contact CMA through the "Contact Organizer" link on the Event Registration Page.

Centurion Military Alliance (CMA)
CMA’s mission is to serve transitioning military service members, wounded warriors, veterans, primary caregivers to wounded warriors, and military spouses by providing vetted resources and military-to-civilian cross-trained expertise which is focused on supporting and preparing the military community for professional career opportunities while providing personalized assistance to better serve them in achieving both their short- and long-term employment readiness and job placement goals. Centurion Military Alliance (CMA) is a Federally Registered-Tax Exempt 501 (c) (3) non-profit (Federal Tax ID 49-1956681).

May 5, 2014

Capital IDEA: A Great New Volunteer Opportunity


The AHRMA Workforce Readiness' subcommittee, Transition2Position,  
is proud to announce a new strategic partnership with Capital IDEA.

by Ron Modesty
Sr. Employer Coordinator, Capital IDEA

Capital IDEA, one of Central Texas’ most effective workforce development nonprofits, invests approximately $3 million a year in the education and skills development of low-income adults wanting to join the local workforce. Many of the adults we serve were working minimum-wage, dead-end jobs prior to starting Capital IDEA, and most are the first in their family to graduate from college. They are a group of inspiring, diverse, and highly motivated adults that employers highly value. For many, their career search will be the first time they create a professional resume and have a formal interview – both of which are critical to obtaining the “right” job. In order to build their confidence and help their chances in securing a great job, your expertise and time would be extremely beneficial.

The two primary ways in which AHRMA members can put their expertise to work in helping our graduates to be more successful in their job searches:
  • Review and critique resumes
  • Conduct mock interviews

Perhaps the best thing about these opportunities is the flexibility involved. You can make a big impact on your computer, in your office, whenever you want. Whether you have one hour a week, month, or quarter, Capital IDEA can work with you to design an engagement opportunity that is both feasible and satisfying.

These graduates will be completing their Associate’s Degrees in various Healthcare and High Tech careers. Based on my August and December graduates, I would really appreciate assistance from HR staff that hire in the following career areas: Healthcare, Automotive, Network Administration, Computer Aided Drafting, Video Game Programming and Renewable Energy. 

If you are interested in volunteering your time to assist our graduates, you can follow the link below to our website to register your preferences for helping out.

If your company is interested in getting involved in a more significant way, perhaps as part of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, Capital IDEA has a successful history of establishing mutually beneficial and long-term Employer Partnerships.

Ron Modesty 
Sr. Employer Coordinator 
Capital IDEA
Office: 512.485.9345 
Round Rock Office: 512.238.6992
Fax: 512.828.6111 

April 28, 2014

Survey Reveals Trends and Challenges for Hiring Veterans in Austin, Texas

In 2013 the Workforce Readiness Sub-Committee, Transition2Position (T2P), conducted a survey of the Austin Human Resource Management Association (AHRMA) membership to identify veteran hiring trends in Austin, Texas for the 2012 calendar year and a representative sample of AHRMA organizations responded. 

“We were pleased to see that 84% of the employers we surveyed have hired veterans in the last few years.  So we know that their views are reflective of

what’s happening with veteran hiring in the Austin workforce,” said T2P committee leader, Ramona Oliver.

Oliver added that one of the most insightful findings is that most Austin-area employers may not be that concerned about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder when hiring veterans.  “You hear so much about PTSD in the media.  We wondered what respondents would say.  Our strategic partners who provide veteran transitioning services were extremely interested to know that only 27% of employers have concerns about PTSD.”

Another key finding of the survey shows that translating military skills to civilian job experience and transitioning from military structure are the biggest obstacles to the civilian employment of veterans in the Austin area.

The T2P committee has created an onsite repository for documents/material/websites that provides information on best practices for hiring veterans.  There on the AHRMA website, you will find the results of the AHRMA Veteran Hiring Trends Survey, as well as information about the Department of Labor Veteran Work Opportunity Tax Credits and a helpful veteran hiring toolkit.  From time to time, the committee will add other materials that may be helpful to you in hiring veterans in your workplace.

You can find these resources by clicking HERE.  

Note:  Look for the list of links called “Veterans in the Workplace Resources” under the heading “Workforce Readiness Subcommittees” and “Transition 2 Position.”

To go directly to the AHRMA Veterans in the Workplace Survey, click HERE.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ramona Oliver at t2p@austinhumanresource.org.

February 10, 2014

Transitioning Military Women's Career Event In Austin

by Bryan Chaney
Republished with permission. Originally published at:

In partnership with National Charity League, Inc. the Texas National Guard will host a Military Women in Transition event to help women in all phases of the job search or career enhancement process.  

Camp Mabry in Austin – Sunday, February 16, 2014. There will be youth related activities for the kids 6+, refreshments and military and veteran resources available throughout the day. Sign up for free now.

  • Don’t miss the opportunity to hear author, speaker and personal vision consultant Angela Lo√ęb who will help you identify your unique talents and skills and leverage them to secure a great job.
  • F7 Group Founder and CEO and successful entrepreneur Cassaundra Meigar-C’DeBaca shares the secrets to her success and her passion to share it with all military affiliated women.
  • From Fatigues to Career Diva…Win a new business suit – perhaps one designed by Project Runway star Daniel Esquivel!  Visit the professional clothing closet to select new or gently worn items for your job interview.  Receive make up tips and giveaways from Mary Kay Cosmetics.
  • Secure a Job through important social media tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, GlassDoor and Google!  KP Partners Dr. Keri Pearlson is ready to help you learn about these valuable resources for your job search and to continue to use them to promote your career development.
  • HR Pros are ready to Review Your Resume, Conduct a Mock Interview + Review Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Be Confident Outside of the Uniform!  Military women know what needs to be done to get the mission accomplished.  Texas Veterans Commission Women Veterans Employment Coordinator Julie Puzan will help you take charge in the civilian world.
  • Employers Want to Meet and Hire Military-Affiliated Women!  Participate in Business Round-table Discussions with local employers to ask them about their hiring processes and learn about their employment opportunities.

Register today for the 2/16/14 Military Women in Transition Event at Camp Mabry in Austin Texas; FREE to all military-affiliated women and female military spouses!! 


NOTE:  AHRMA is proud a sponsor of this event through the Transition2Position Subcommittee of the Workforce Readiness Committee. AHRMA Volunteers are helping out by giving presentations, reviewing resumes and LinkedIn profiles, and conducting mock interviews. Please spread the word about this free event to any military-affiliated woman you know! Click HERE to register.

November 18, 2013

Now You Can Post Your Open Jobs at No Cost for Highly Trained Unemployed National Guard Members!


Now You Can Post Your Open Jobs at No Cost
for Highly Trained Unemployed National Guard Members!

American Jobs for Americas Heroes is a non- profit alliance with the National Guard to help un- employed National Guard members, veterans and spouses find skilled jobs in the private sector. 

There are National Guard units in all 54 states and U.S. territories. Thousands of members are unemployed.

Job Posting is Free and Easy!

Direct Access: Your job postings are plugged directly into the National Guard Employment Network, the flagship employment initiative of the National Guard.  State National Guard employment counselors are waiting to match your posting with qualified job candidates!

Ongoing Program: This is not a limited-time event.  You can post jobs at no cost as openings arise throughout the year.

World-class Case Management: An internet- based platform is rolling out, enabling the state National Guard and nonprofit employment counselors in the alliance to work collaboratively to fill postings.  This enables higher quality control and helps to ensure prompt and quality support.

Hands-on Support to Fill Your Jobs

The first step is for you to register using the link below. It takes 5 minutes.

Case Manager: Your case manager will contact you by phone within two days to answer questions and receive job postings that will be uploaded for you into the National Guard Employment Network Job Portal website.  Members of all military branches can view them in addition to the National Guard.

Personalized Support: Your case manager will actively match National Guard candidates with your job requirements.  You will receive tailored help in screening candidates and understanding how military training experience relates to your requirements.

You Are in Control: Then, you can contact each applicant with whom you want to talk.  You will continue to receive selected resumes until you fill your open positions.

National Guard Training in 107 Categories

National Guard members are valuable employees. Only one in four applicants are accepted into the National Guard.

Members train continuously in programs provided in 107 categories, from leadership, administration and logistics to electronics, operations and maintenance.  They demonstrate a readiness for learning, responsibility for good teamwork and reliability, and they understand how to perform in a disciplined organization.

Watch the 5 minute video:

Register for Posting at:  www.CenterfoAmerica.org/register.html

For information on how your company can support American Jobs for America’s Heroes, please contact Steve Nowlan, President, Center for America at SNowlan@CenterForAmerica.org or 201-513-0379

Q&A: How Employers Post Jobs

How much does it cost for associations, employers and applicants to participate?

No costs; all services are free.

What do I do first to get started?

The first step is to register on www. CenterForAmerica.org it takes 10 minutes.

What happens next?

After registering, you’ll receive a call within two business days from Stacey Cummings with Corporate America Supports You (CASY), a campaign alliance nonprofit. Stacey will answer your questions, review your specific needs and provide electronic forms for you to use to submit postings. You can also call Stacey at 757-262-1295 or email her at s_cummings@CorporateAm- ericaSupportsYou.org.

Do I fill out the posting forms?

Yes, you can cut and paste from an existing job description or use the form to compose the posting. It takes only a few minutes. Then you email the forms back for staff review.

Why do the postings need to be reviewed by CASY-MSCCN?

This is a quality control step. There is often different military and civilian terminology for the same or similar skills and training.

Experienced counselors at CASY and Military Spouse Corporate Career Network (MSCCN) help translate qualifications and duties to ensure that jobs and candidates are not overlooked because of jargon.

How does the job actually get posted?

When the posting is ready, it will be posted for you on the National Guard Employment Network online Job Database and distributed to National Guard employment counselors and nonprofits in the states. The counselors work directly with unemployed National Guard members and will look for matches between your posting and candidates to email to you.

National Guard members and all applicants from all other military branches can access your posting on the CASY-MSCCN job board.

How do I find out about possible matches?

National Guard employment counselors will contact you by email or phone so you can review the candidates and contact those you wish to.

Also, applicants searching the job board on their own can contact you directly based on the preferences you indicate in your posting.

How is the job posting tracked?

The National Guard Employment Network (NGEN) and CASY-MSCCN use a world-class secure internet software platform donated by Kenexa, an IBM company.

This enables NGEN counselors to log every interaction and communication with applicants. Every viewing of your posting by applicants using online access is also tracked. Those looking at your posting through distribution channels beyond online access cannot be tracked.

How is NGEN and CASY-MSCCN different from military "job boards?"
These integrated teams offer extensive personal help and coaching to both employers and applicants, personalized to individual needs.  You can draw upon as much help from experienced staff as you want without charge.

How Your Company Can Claim Federal Veterans Tax Credits
This new free publication for employers prepared for the campaign by Caplin & Drysdale provides a clear and concise understanding along with step-by-step guidance.  It includes links to the required IRS and DoL forms employers need to submit.  Whereas most media articles generalize and leave out key eligibility and filing details, this guide includes what you need to know to decide if your company is eligible and how to file.  The guide covers four federal tax credit programs: Returning Heroes, Wounded Warrior, Activated Military Reservist Credit for Small Businesses, and the Federal Empowerment Zone Employment Credit.

Download here:

To Post Jobs:
Call Stacey Cummings at 757-262-1295